The pandemic presented numerous curve balls which challenged the existing medical infrastructure. In such a demanding situation, only a collective approach could have brought about a sizeable change, and lead to strengthening of healthcare in future. ICICI Foundation rose to the needs of the nation at the critical time of pandemic by providing medical equipment like ventilators, oxygen concentrators, oxygen plants, diesel generators and ambulances. Serving remote rural areas and overburdened urban areas helped in alleviating the pressure on the medical infrastructure.

Decreasing oxygen levels was among the major health challenges during covid-19! In Himalayan and tribal belts of 17 states and 2 Union territories, ICICI Foundation facilitated 1800 oxygen concentrators. These oxygen concentrators were distributed in 750 taluka level hospitals to locally stabilize the patients, as Primary Healthcare centers are inaccessible due to bad terrain and poor connectivity of hilly and tribal areas. These oxygen concentrators provide relief to the patient and help in stabilizing the patient in the initial crucial hours.

A total of 3151 oxygen concentrators have been facilitated. ICICI Foundation has procured these high-quality oxygen concentrators from reputed manufacturers BPL and PHILLIPS. These manufacturers have a vast service network across the country, which will ensure prompt and efficient maintenance support for the machines, as and when required. These concentrators are being provided with batteries and solar rooftop based power backups, wherever required, considering frequent power cuts. These high-quality concentrators continuously filter and produce medical-grade oxygen.

Ventilators are crucial life support machines. It had an increased demand during the pandemic. Hospitals were facing severe ventilator shortage in urban and rural areas. To cater to the increased demand, ICICI Foundation supported various state run and charitable hospitals with 117 ventilators across the country.

The serious shortage of ambulances due to the pandemic added to existing pressure on the medical infrastructure. Prompt movement of critical patients to hospitals is crucial to save their lives. The Foundation catered to the rising demand for ambulances by providing 40 ambulances across the country.

The scarcity and dire need for oxygen cylinders demanded installation of more oxygen plants. To serve this increasing demand, 20 oxygen plants have been installed across the country by ICICI Foundation. These oxygen plants contributed towards meeting the enormous oxygen requirements during covid.

Uninterrupted power supply and emergency power backups are a necessity for hospitals. Frequent power outage, especially in rural areas makes it difficult for hospitals to function in full capacity.

Considering the need for steady power supply ICICI Foundation dispersed:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply: Oxygen concentrators need uninterrupted power supply. UPS acts a source for steady power supply. 355 UPS have been provided in hospitals to provide steady power supply to oxygen concentrators.
  • Solar Power Backup: 59 solar power backups have been provided as well to hospitals, as an alternative source of power supply and backup for UPS.
  • Diesel Generators: 13 Diesel generators have been facilitated in hospitals according to the required specifications for power supply across the country.

To provide covid care to people, ICICI Foundation set up 6 covid facilities across the country with all medical necessities in it required for managing and treating covid-19.

S.No Facility Quantity
1. Oxygen Concentrators 3151
2. Oxygen Plants 20
3. Ventilators 117
4. Ambulances 40
5. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) 355
6. Solar Power Back Up 59
7. Diesel Generators 13
8. Covid Facility 6