In fiscal 2017, ICICI Foundation along with ICICI Bank launched a strategic initiative for economic inclusion of the villages in the country and expanding the reach of the CSR activities of ICICI Group to new target segments. As a significant proportion of the country’s population resides in villages, we believe that comprehensive socio-economic development of villages will be a key driver of growth going forward.

ICICI Academy for Skills – Rural Initiative (IAS – RI) envisages economic inclusion of a village. It aims at making the local economy vibrant; improving the income level of villagers through focus on locally relevant skills; making the villagers financially independent; and restricting migration.

IAS-RI entails skill development of villagers in locally relevant skills such that they can undertake some economic activity for a sustainable livelihood. ICICI Bank provides credit linkages to trainees based on their requirements. We facilitate market linkages to ensure a steady market for the products and services of the trainees. Skill enhancement along with appropriate credit linkages and market linkages ensures sustainable livelihood for the villagers. Parallely, ICICI Bank works on financial inclusion of the villagers and provides a platform for digital banking through a host of products and channels.