Prema age of 29.W/O Sivagurunathan is a Agri labour at pottai village, from a poor family background. Her Brother running a small fertilizer shop at pottai village. Sivagurunathan working in the fertilizer shop for their livelihood. Which is not sufficient to meet their expenses of their 4 member family.  She has a farming land.  Prema was taking care of the cows. Prema has one cow per day yielding 4 liter milk. Per lit Rs.22/- FAT-2.5%, SNF-5%.

She has joined our Dairy Faming and Vermi composite training conducted in nov 17 in her village.  During the sessions our trainer created the awareness about different breeds of cattle, buffalows, general management such as deworming, hygienic practise, clean milk production. Feeding management, and azolla cultivation.

Prema started cultivating the azolla in 35 Sq.ft. She purchased 2 new cows.  After 15 days of harvesting azolla, She feeded her cow one Kg per day/animal. After 20 days of azolla feeding slowly raise FAT 4.5% and SNF 7% per day 26 lit @30/-.  Now Prema is earning weekly Rs.5000/-.

Prema says now am “I a proud and happy being part of the training. She has shown her gratitude to ICICIFOUNDATION.”