Mr. Anuj Agarwal has been working in the financial sector for almost three decades. With a rich experience in Financial Industry and Banking Operations, he managed the responsibility of Infrastructure Management at ICICI Bank in his previous role before taking charge of this role at ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth. He worked on a strategy to generate fruitful results by blending the needs of his customers with those of the stakeholders. He lead a ‘committed and passionate’ team which worked on his concept of ‘Sustainability is Profitable’. The various initiatives taken in infrastructure management not only helped the cause of Go Green, but also contributed significantly to the bottom line of the organization. The results and gains were noteworthy because the accomplishment was over a distributed setup with presence across the country including extreme remote areas. Energy conservation was one of the major projects, and the energy saved in 3 years was equivalent to lighting up about 54,000 rural households for one year. This was combined with other Green initiatives including extensive use of Solar Energy.

The combined impact of energy savings & utilization of renewable energy helped reduce the overall carbon emission by about 55,000 tonnes, which was equivalent to planting of 2,66,750 trees to sequester this volume of CO2 emissions.

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), in recognition of the efforts of Mr Anuj Agarwal, awarded him the prestigious ‘IGBC Fellow’ in 2017. He continues to bring these concepts of Sustainability into the operations at ICICI Foundation through various Social and Environment related projects.

As the COO of ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, he is responsible for various functions of the organisation, driving innovative and digital models, working towards creating sustainable livelihood for the underprivileged through initiatives in rural areas as well as urban locations leading to an overall and distributed development in our country.