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Over 74,000 youth trained till March 31, 2016

Development of 250 schools as Right to Education compliant

Our Vision

To be a leading institution for the promotion of inclusive growth in India by contributing to the key enablers required for widespread participation in economic opportunities in the country.

Our Mission

We will promote inclusive growth in India through focused initiatives in the identified areas including primary healthcare, elementary education, skill development & sustainable livelihood, financial inclusion and rural development.

Annual Reports

In fiscal year 2017 with a strategic initiative for economic inclusion of villages in the country, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth expanded the reach of CSR activities by integrating the rural initiative approach into “ICICI Digital Village” model, empowering rural population to use digital channels for financial transactions and commercial activities.

In fiscal 2016, ICICI Foundation promoted women's empowerment through its various initiatives.

The Annual Report 2014-15 highlights our focus on skill development and building sustainable livelihood with the scaling up of ICICI Academy for skills.

The Annual Report for 2013-14 provides an overview of ICICI Foundation's direct intervention and systemic initiatives in key identified areas

ICICI Foundation continues to consolidate its efforts in the design, implementation and impact evaluation of its programmes and projects in the identified areas of primary healthcare, elementary education, skill development & sustainable livelihoods and financial inclusion. The details of which, can be found in the fifth edition of our Annual Report.

ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth's 2011-2012 Annual Report contains financials and insight on our interventions in our four focus areas of elementary education, sustainable livelihoods, primary health, and access to finance. It also includes programme details, implementation progress, case studies, and other social initiatives we carry out within ICICI Foundation and ICICI Group companies.


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